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Race Classes Brushed & Brushless Racing Classes
  • Electric and Nitro* (1:12, 1:10, 1:18 and more)
  • 4WD Touring Sedan
  • 2WD/RWD Pan-car
  • Off-road carpet (Short Course Truck/Slash)
  • Oval

*Note: Nitro races are held at NOLA Motorsports Park

Four (4) cars are required to form a class. Class specs may change without notice as class grows in order to meet the needs of the race class. Depending on the number of entries, racers may race according to skill level (Novice, Sportsman, or Expert).

Class  1/10th Touring 1/12th Scale F1 RCGT VTA World GT
Chassis  4wd TC Pan-car 190mm wide F1 pan car 4wd TC 4wd TC 200mm Pan-car
Body  Touring Open F1 scale with front & rear wing GT Non-race Spec Vintage Spec
Motor/ESC  17.5 non-ramping 17.5 non-ramping ROAR-Legal 21.5 brushless motor 27T brushed 25.5 non-ramping 13.5 non-ramping
Battery  2s Lipo/6cell NiMH 1s Lipo 2s Lipo/6cell NiMH 2s Lipo/6cell NiMH 2s Lipo/6cell NiMH 1s Lipo
Tires RubberFoamRubber only, F1 scale. Must be available to the general public.Spec 4490/4495Spec VintageSpec (Lilac)
Rules Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Qualification and Main Event Races

  • Qualification races are 4-8 minutes.

  • Main Event races are 6-30 minutes.

  • Qualification and Main Event races may change due to unforeseen events or situations (classes, available time, or the number of competitors).


  • All racers will follow the procedures of the local track. 

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct is any action or language that may be regarded as abusive to a spectator or another racer. It is not allowed before, after, or during a race.

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in loss of points or disqualification or other penalties at the discretion of track officials.

  • Cars cannot be pushed across the finish line.

  • Drivers are not to drive against the flow of a race, block faster drivers, or attempt to purposely wreck another driver.

  • Shortcutting the track is not allowed. If a driver cuts the track, he/she must pull aside and allow the competitor immediately behind him/her to pass. Failure to do so will result in penalties (10 seconds, a lap per offense, or qualifier.) 


  • Every competitor is expected to marshal immediately after his/her race or designate a substitute and immediately notify race officials of the change.

  • Penalty for not marshalling is one lap off of best qualifier.

  • Cars that can no longer continue in a race will be removed from the track if they are in the path of other cars. Otherwise, they are to be removed after the race.

  • Turn Marshals will not repair cars during a race.

  • Turn Marshals must remain on the track until each race has been officially completed.


  • To avoid possible frequency conflicts, racers should consider having a second frequency available to compete. DSM/Spektrum-type (2.4mhz) radios will be the exception.

  • Only a race official may authorize a frequency change or allow radios to operate in pit area. Otherwise, all radios must be turned off.

  • Radio impound may/will be immediately after a qualification/main event ends. The exception to this is that a competitor will use the same radio for immediate use.


  • AMBrc Rechargeable Transponder available for use.


  • Practice will terminate one (1) hour prior to the start of the first qualifier.

  • All practice will be monitored by a race official.


  • Clean your area

  • Remove foreign object debris from racing surface

  • Help with track set-up or removal

  • Assist race director with one race (qualifier or main)

  • Report unsafe conditions or unsafe operating of RC equipment